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WTS DJ Getz DF89SD "MP5SD Clone" With TPM Suppressor

Aaron Garcia

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Low round count DJ Getz SD "SEF semi-auto pack/housing" with TPM suppressor.

I purchased this from Getz as a pistol and is on a Form 1 in TX. Suppressor was purchased directly from TPM which is on a Form 4 in TX. I have never had an issue with cycling in semi or with a registered sear pack. Runs like it should.... Sewing machine! Fit and finish is excellent.

8 KCI Mags, 2 German and the original mag from Getz, smaller 9x19 marking like a German mag but not marked. 

2x 3 round German mag holders

German A2 and A3 F retractable stock "one position"

E&L brass catcher, green German sling, MP5 armorers' book, mag loader and faux "suppressor/ barrel extension"

DM for contact info to discuss details and for pictures. $6000 OBO

I could submit for removal from registry and transfer as a pistol. Leaving only the suppressor for ATF tax transfer

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