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WTS: B&T H&K 3-Lug RQD Sound Suppressor for MP5 & APC - $595

MFP Autos

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We have a brand new in box B&T 3-Lug SMG RQD Suppressor for sale. This is a version of B&T's industry standard QD submachine gun silencer for the Heckler & Koch tri-lug / 3-lug. The RQD design has a slightly larger diameter tube to offer increased volume while being shorter than it's predecessor in overall length. The unit also sports a brand new QD ratchet mounting interface. These silencers are compatible with all H&K 3-lug guns including the H&K SP5 / MP5 and B&T's own APC9 line up.

The can in currently in my inventory on Form 3 and ready for immediate Efile to your SOT.

Model: SD-122849-US

Length: 8.2 inches
Diameter: 1.4 inches
Weight: 12.7 ounces


Brügger & Thomet  3-Lug RQD Suppressor - $595 plus shipping



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