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We have returned with a small lot of HK UMP45 Parts Kits in Good condition; these will show wear from use. Overall they are certainly in operable condition.

All kits come with 1 magazine. 2 kits have the front end of the receiver with rails; 2 kits do not.

WITH front receiver half+rails: $1800 shipped. ALL SOLD
WITHOUT front receiver half: $1600.00 Shipped. ALL SOLD

Per the usual with us lately please send direct message/DM rather than posting that "I'll take it," so that we can provide you where to contact us at and how we can accept payment. Questions may be put here or sent via DM. First come, first served as best we can.


HK UMP45 kit 1.jpg

HK UMP45 kit 2.jpg

HK UMP45 kit 3.jpg


HK UMP45 kit 4.jpg

Edited by Vance Outdoors Inc
Added additional, detailed small parts picture; updated listing details. Updated quantities available due to sales...
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