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WTS-Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun

Got Uzi

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Selling my M3 Grease Gun and the collection of accessories I’ve amassed over the years. Deciding to go another direction, plus with the values of these guns I don’t shoot it anymore. 

The following package is up for sale-original WWII Guide Lamp M3 “Grease Gun” with British proof marks on the barrel, bolt and receiver. It also has the British “blocking bar” welded over the magazine release. This gun was purchased as a registered DEWAT and reactivated. This gun was used at Knob Creek during the National SubGun Match and took Top Gun at the Fall 2019 event. Video of the gun running can be found on my YouTube channel under “American Sub Gunner”


Also included is-

20 “shooter” blued magazines

37 Collector magazines-all the variations of markings, finishes and manufactures (including an Ithaca ITG magainze)

spare barrel (main shooter barrel)

complete spare bolt assembly

complete spare trigger assembly 

all the variations of the flash hider (included one NIB)

NIB M3 bolt from WWII

original and extremely rare M3 OSS suppressor thread protector 

Also included (not shown) is the custom manufactured clamp on red dot mount used in competition with this gun.  The unit will hold zero when taken on and off as well.


This gun will be transferred out of Ohio on a paper Form 3 as it’s a personal gun or transfered in state on a Form 4. 


Asking $41,500 for the entire lot. Terms could possibly be worked out. Possible trades considered-transferable or pre sample machine guns (Thompson’s, HK’s, etc) I might consider breaking it down if there was enough interest in the other items-however I DO NOT want to nickel and dime things away.


Call or txt (330) 432-459eight 
















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The “blocking bar” was to prevent the magazine release from being pushed while shooting. Yes the magazine can still be released with no issue. When the M3 was first developed there was no magazine release guard to keep accidental magazine releases from happening. It wasn’t long after the M3 was released that this problem was found and corrected by making a small sheet metal cup that went around the release button so you couldn’t squeeze it, you had to actually push it. The “bar” was the answer the British had to getting the guns back up and working quickly. 


Its the same problem had by early M1 carbines with the “push button” safety. Not paying attention and you’d drop your magazine when trying to take the weapon off safe. 

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For those wondering-I’m basing the gun at $38k and the rest of the collection at $7k.

Open to reasonable offers and or trades-pre sample HK’s or Thompson’s, transferable Thompson’s, Fleming/Qualified sear, DLO HK trigger box, etc. 

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Those that are interested in optics mounts PM me as there are a few things I need to know-mainly I need to know the diameter of your receiver and the width of your rear sight (inside width) these have to be fitted to each gun. It’s a lot easier having the gun in hand to do this. 

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