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SOLD Medea grease gun done right


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Transferable 9mm M3A1. I bought the transferable shells off of Chuck Spano (Medea) and had John Andrewski assemble them with an original WWII 9mm kit and also Ithaca .45 cal parts. I later picked up a SCRC 9mm integral barrel suppressor which fit nicely with system.

9mm kit, a repro MP40 bag with 5 sten mags (I have a few others I will toss in), modified Indianapolis Ordinance bolt (as they do not work with Guide Lamp barrels) with recoil assembly, unmodified Guide Lamp M3 bolt in box, Guide Lamp sten adapter and flaming bomb barrel as well as the SCRC can.

.45 kit, repro bag, 4 grease gun mags (2 in wraps) and 2 unmodified Cobray 40 round mags, factory Ithaca spare bolt and Original bolt in recoil system, Original barrel, short barrel in Ithaca barrel nut threaded 9/16 x 24tpi, and a spare factory barrel. Also included spare trigger parts, loader, and ejector/lower.

THE EXTRA HINGE PIECES ARE NOT INCLUDED. A sturm member asked for them and I obliged. 


all down before transfer begins. On Form 4 (double stamp) in Arizona. I will pay all insured freight and separately ship registered parts to instate SOT and will ship all components to buyer directly once funds clear (barrels, bolt groups, magazines etc). 

2 set up.jpg

1 bags.jpg

6 spares.jpg

3 mfg stamps.jpg

4 body.jpg

5 tax.jpg

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Rick - Darn nice Greaser!  Please put me first in line for that Suppressor.  I had chatted with the Medea man several years ago and there were only 3 9MM's that he built and 1 22 LR one on the Transferable List, so this is a rare configuration.  Lot of Bang for the Buck!  Lonnie Joe of CFE

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All parts are there for the .45. There is one OE barrel and nut, a short threaded barrel and nut, and an extra OE barrel. The complete bolt carrier group with extra springs and extra bolt, and the 4 magazines and 2 cobray 40 round magazines which need to be adapted (or sold) to fit mag well.

In another add I have a jail broken Gemtech Viper (which does not have any mac threads anymore) which I had designs to make a barrel/suppressor OSS look a like system.

BTW, the SCRC can is solid weight wise.

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