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1917 BB Machine Gun Trainer


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I have what appears to be an original GI (WWII ?) BB machine gun trainer on a tripod that resembles a 1917 BMG.( Not anything like the Thompson/shoot the star air guns.)

Internals marked No.44, data plate has been removed

Air/electric, not working now, but will be repaired.

NOT FOR SALE, looking for any info, history, etc.

Thanks for the Boards!

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Sounds like a McGlashan

These were developed primarily to train B25 Mitchell and B17 flying fortress gunners during WWII

As I recall they require 24VDC and around 125psi, I'd have to check my TM though

there are a pair of switches that run the relays and such that usually fail over time, been a few years since I rebuilt one.  After the war a bunch ended up in arcades where they were majorly abused.

There is a decent writeup on the in an Airmachinegun book I believe is now out of print, was another great writeup in an older Stoeger Airgun Bible, have both if you would like copies of the articles

was also a website devoted to them, can't seem to find the URL but it's out there.  That guy rebuilds and sometimes sells them too.  Found it, it's MACGLASHAN


Values are subjective...last one I had was a complete rig with mounts, TMs, transit chest, spares.  Picked it up at a military show for $800.  After spending some time inside it I think it sold for $1400.00.  They do crop up on Airgun sales forums every so often, rarely on firearms websites.

Pretty damn neat bits of US militaria

Read through the website I linked, PM if you have any particular questions

Cool find btw if it's a MacGlashan


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Thanks for the info, but this one is not the same as the Macglashan,.

It looks like a 1917, not a 1919.

Will take pics today and try to post tonight.

Jim B, I would appreciate copies of those articles, if possible.

Thanks, BPinFL, 

we.powBAM@verizon.net  (remove the BAM)

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Okay, if it's not a MacGlashan the next likely candidate is the so-called Feltman Coney Island model.  The earliest version used a tripod mount, seem to recall it had a counter mechanism

While arguably more rare, the earliest Feltman's are not quite as collectible as the MacGlashans as they were merely Arcade guns.  Same company that built most of the Shoot out the Star Carnival "Thompsons"...the Coney Island came out in time for the 39' World's Fair.  Allegedly the highest recorded SN is 97 so 44 is in the production ball park

I'll drop you an email later this weekend

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