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Up for sale are a few AR parts kits with shorter barrel stylings: A few in 10.5" with short gas tubes and one in 15" with midlength gas tube. Brakes/Flash hiders have not been welded on any of these, these are all indeed under 16" of length. With one exception (see below), these are complete kits containing all necessary parts to assemble, including a BCG, trigger assembly, etc. (minus the receiver.) Note that these are all shipped with rifle buffer tubes and rifle stocks, those specific parts are not suitable for assembly with a barrel under 16" unless you wish to assemble these into an SBR with approved paperwork in advance. These are all stamped as 5.56mm on the barrel and are chambered for 5.56 NATO/5.56x45mm.

Some of these have varied markings, up to or including a C designation; so some of these may be Colt receivers. Not certain of age of production. General photos are posted for reference. Additional may be requested.

All are rated to be in Good (G) condition, they are used and will show wear and marks on: Finish, Barrel, Receiver, Forend/Forend Rails, Sights, etc. They're not show pieces, but they're certainly shooter-grade. The bores are in good shape, rifling is clear, no obstructions, debris nor deposits/pitting. These appear to have been reasonably cared for.

I have 3 with round handguards, 3 with railed forends and 1 round guard for the 15" with mid-length gas tube.

Pricing as follows:
$400 shipped for all -except- for one railed kit missing a couple of small parts; that one is $380 shipped. The mid-length 15" barrel kit is also $400 shipped, same as the 10.5" barrel kits.

We are able to respond to direct PM's easier than thread replies; we will do our best to update and mark as sold once all are gone. Thanks!

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