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SemiAuto ANM2


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Does anyone know who can build a SA ANM2?  Have all the parts, but need to build a denial bar rt sideplate and mill the bolt, bbl extention,etc to fit it.

Already have a FA and SA 1919, and FA ANM2, just looking for something new.

Thanks for the boards, always a lot of good information here.

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you can get troy at barrel exchange to do all the alterations. tell him i said howdy. the side plate will be more of a challenge. i would suggest you buy a "so called 80%" full auto side plate

 before any attempt is made to drill or fit the side plate, cut a piece of 1/8" plate to the shape of the denial plate, drill six / eight 3/8" holes in the side plate and plug weld the denial island in. in the 60's we built 19 semi's this way for tha cal market and full auto plates were all we used.   i always take pics of the sequence to back up the process.  also built several semi Vickers and maxims same way.   all semi brens on the market have plug welded denials added so don't worry about that

atf no longer requires the welds on the top and bottom of side plate for semi's but if i add the denial island i ALWAYS drill and weld top and bottom plates to compound the issue. you might try lee tool for the side plate (80%) the offered some a while back.    it will be a great project and there are not many around so GO FOR IT! 

                                                                      good luck MIKE

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Thanks for the info, Mike, I do appreciate it. Is 1/8" enough for the denial block? I was going to use 1/4". It would make milling the bolt,etc easier

I have dealt with Troy and know he is good to go, but I may just do it myself.

Thinking of using a KMP sa trigger.  BP

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Thanks for posting the pics.  

Are you interested in building another?  I have parts for the .303 like yours, including the crude AA spades, and enough for a .30-06 too.

Thanks for the Boards, Buddy and friends!

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I can do it , But we are doing a run of 100% new M2HB's + working on 50 x 1919a4's on contract.

I wont have time until the end of summer Aug-Sep.

We are closed this week for inventory.Give me a call next week and we can smash it out if you want to do it yourself,Or have me do it.


Nathan JnC MFG


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