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M2HB M2-SLR .50 BMG Semi Auto OOW

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LIMITED availability.  OOW is out of stock! I have one available. Scroll down for pictures.

M2-SLR .50 BMG semi auto belt fed firearms.  They are made by Ohio Ordnance, Inc and are excellent quality.  Cost is $16,999.99 plus shipping. I also have a couple M3 tripods, T&E and pintles available for separate purchase. 

M2-SLR Package Includes:

  • M2-SLR Custom Fitted Hard Case
  • 200 Links
  • Manual


      1. Wire Carrying Handle
      2. Flash Hider
      3. Cleaning Kit with Pouch
      4. Headspace Gage Set
      5. Extractor, Ruptured Cartridge
      6. Wrench


Tripod, Pintle and T&E are NOT included with the firearm but available for purchase.


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