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I'm looking to buy demilled G36 receiver sections for a build.  The longer the pieces, the better. I'm looking for front, center, and rear sections.  The front and middle sections are normally disposed of as they typically are not used in builds.


Thank you!

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13 minutes ago, roys101 said:

HI. Did you happen to end up with any extra rear pieces? Thanks. Chris.

Hi Chris. No luck at all with any pieces. Best bet is to watch GunBroker, as they come up from time to time. You could also try contacting dealers selling post samples to see if they will cut them up, but almost all, if not all do not want to cut them up.

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8 hours ago, roys101 said:

Thanks. I just ran a WTB ad here for a SL8 rear piece. Maybe I'll have muck with that.

I know of someone with a complete G36K kit. They have a front and rear reciever piece that overlap, so it would work exceptionally well for a fuse job. They are asking $3,020 shipped. I can put you in touch with them if interested, just let me know your email. I'm not able to afford it.

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