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WTS transferrable 1919A4 and 1919A6


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Two transferrable 1919s for sale in Texas.  Owner has owned them since 1974.  The Form 3s to him from Tommy St Charles Jr. dated 1974 list the manufacturer for the A4 as "WESTINGHOUSE U.S.A." and model as "1919 A4" and as "ROCK ISLAND U.S.A." and "1919 A6" for the A6. They were originally purchased as intact complete guns by the owner in 1974 when he was a FFL/SOT.  At some time they were disassembled by someone who was working for the owner and the parts were taken.  Here are the photos of the left and right sideplate pairs as the owner had them when I first met him.  The guides, cartridge stops, and pintle pads were left on the receivers but the trunnions, top and bottom plates, rear sight bases, and pawls were removed.  They sat this way as sideplate pairs for over 30 years until I helped the owner get the parts together to reassemble them in 2017.  






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On 12/2/2021 at 9:35 AM, Autogun said:


I'm trying to finish the post, having difficulty with photos not loading.  Here are in progress photos from when they were rebuilt in 2017 with unfired new  chrome trunnions and all excellent to like new parts.  Everything was freshly parkerized, they looked like brand new guns when he was finished.  The A6 has the locking safety bar on the right sideplate as it was originally built and all correct A6 parts, the stock and bipod are not pictured but included.  Both are in .30-06 with spare parts and .308 conversion sets consisting of .308 bolts and barrels with the barrel for the a6 being an A4 barrel that was turned down to A6 specs.  He is asking $25,000 each and they will transfer to you on a Form 4 which he will pay for.  The buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping charges.  I am limited on the number of photos I can upload but I can email more if you give me your email address.









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