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Morphy's Auction Today


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There was some fair priced stuff, but I do factor in the large premium, the 10 month wait, so I only got a minor item.  Earlier in the year I would have gone hard on a couple items.  Yes 104K thompson is going to be tough to get out of should the buyer try to get out one day?  That's definitely going to be a "buy and hold". 

I was a buyer at 10K on the mini sten, but I'm not sorry I didn't drop 29,400 plus tax.  The dollar ain't that worthless......yet..  That's easily three full size ones or more! 


better link   https://auctions.morphyauctions.com/AuctionResults.aspx?auctionid=527&ClosedSessionsOnly=1

The prices listed do not include 20% prem.,  CC usage 3%,  or another 3% if you went thru proxybid....which you can't for the MG's,

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I think I owned that Spitfire at one time, few years back. The front end was done by Andrewski I believe. Think I paid 4k for it.  Think it sold for over 8k I believe. Spitfires  were considered to be the bottom of the barrel transferables at one time. Lol. 

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