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SigSauer 556 parts kits (full auto w/ burst, demilled)

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I have several demilled kits from police surplus guns perfect for an SOT postie build or for spares on semi-auto guns.  I can remove any F/A parts from lowers if you want to use them as semi-only and aren't comfortable with doing so.   "features a 10” button rifled barrel, chambered in 5.56mm NATO, with a twist rate of 1 in 7"

These are parts kits and therefore not considered FFL items and also be sure and understand NFA rules.  Note: while the bolt carriers and lowers are F/A capable, using them on a semi-auto doesn't change the status as semi uppers have blocking features in place to prevent auto and burst features.  Every 556 SigSauer has made in the US already comes with a F/A capable bolt for example.

I also have two SigSauer rear diopter sights available for $250/ea with a kit.  I'll make those available separately if not sold when all kits are gone.

$2400 for M4 style and $2600 for Swiss folders (use real alemann-agch Swiss-made stocks...worth $4-500 on their own) + actual shipping (should be $25 or so plus any insurance with a USPS Large Flat Rate Box).  USPS money orders, personal/business/cashiers check or discrete electronic methods for tenured members of sturm (venmo or zelle)


Kit #1 - M4 style lower:



Kit #2 - M4 Style lower:



Kit #3 - Swiss style lower:



Kit # 4 - Swiss style lower:


Kit #5 Swiss style lower (SPF to Ehunt)



more pics here: https://imgur.com/a/IEUgAUp

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