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Do new Thompson drums function well?


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I got one from Numrich, a GPC, which is a Taiwanese company (I believe).  It ran perfectly. Note I greased them up before using.

On GunBroker there was one brand selling it for cheap.. haven't had a chance to try them out yet (There's a post about them on Machinegun Boards)

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Those old ones can be extremely expensive.. 

I bought couple of these for $100.. which is a crazy cheap price but unknown reliability. I haven't gotten to try it yet, but surprising it seem like it is a quality drum.


They are currently out of stock, but I had bought it from their GunBroker sales.


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I picked up a $125 repro drum from sarco a little while ago and it ran fine in my semi auto Kahr gun. My friend got one for his SMG and it ran fine as well. Not sure who actually made them.

Funny issue I had with running the drum in my semi auto was the recoil of the gun caused the bolt hold open to jump up and hold the bolt open. I bent a piece of wire to hold it down and hang in the stick mag T-slot for when I have a drum inserted to stop this from happening.

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