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Knob Creek, finally made it!

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When my wife found out it was the last machine gun shoot, she said we are going, the bees will have to wait!!!!! I've been to a lot of gun shows. Knob creek is a gun show on steroids! Alot of great people. One of the things that always impresses me about the gun community in a crowded place is the politeness. No matter who you bump into or whose fault it is, everyone says I'm sorry. You won't find that at a football game or a Biden rally. 

It was nice to put a face to some of the names I've seen online. To the guy with the mini gun, my wife wants to invite you over for dinner. To play with your gun I think lol. Every time that thing started up she would get a big smile. I would toooo. Friday we sat in 3 miles of traffic for 3 hrs. Seen people walking 3 miles to see and smell what freedom is! With all the crap to get you down going on in our country right now, (feel like we are losing sometimes) it was great to see so many people that feel the way we do. 

To the crew at knob creek, WOW you guys did an outstanding job!!!! From the looks on the crew's faces, you could tell they weren't expecting the crowd they got. Can't imagine the stress that went into that show. Would love to know how many people attended the event this weekend. 

Decided to take my wife on helicopter ride for her birthday. We got to talk one of the pilots in his green coveralls about how long those birds had been in service and how little problems they have with them. Also found out if you wanted a helicopter ride you should've been there at 6am, they were booked in no time lol. No birthday ride. 

Thanks to all the vendors for the long days and short nights and the time you put in to make it a good show. 

Thanks David and Beth

Double Tap Firearms 

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Wife and I went to our first (and sadly, our last) Knob Creek on Saturday.  

Had an awesome time and met some great people.  Everyone extremely friendly.  Got to meet Tim (Autogun) in person.

Also had to walk 2.5 miles each way but well worth it.  

Dave, I have a helicopter license, so if you ever buy one, I'll be glad to fly you around! Happy Birthday!



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