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No longer have paypal to pay invoice

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I just received my invoice for $45 but paypal cancelled me this year after (LOTS) in sales since 1996 with zero probs and an 821 FICO so is there another option to pay the Sturm yearly private membership? thanks


I tried to make a purchase from a vendor with the word "armory" in their name and thats all it took for pp to cancel pp and venmo accounts and even accounts of my parents that they said were "related" and they are holding around $7k in my cash they say for 6 months

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i would contact PayPal in any way you can.

Long time ago I got the same situation due to selling 30rd PMAGS from GunBroker.  I eventually got told that I had to fax in a letter stating that I would comply with PayPal's policies. After I did that, they unlocked me.  Not sure if they are doing the same requirement anymore, but just letting you know that I had got locked, and unlocked within 2 days.

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AutoLoad, well that pretty much sucks and they hold "your" money hostage....

Here is another example of their (eBay, P.Pal, Comcast and others) I tried to buy a Streamlight forend off the bay and pay with P.P - they would not let the transaction go thru.

Tried emailing some pics from my phone to my home email, used a wrong word in my Subject line and the email would not receive at home until I changed the subject line and it went right thru.

They have WAY TOO much control

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I just took a look at how I unlocked my account..

I actually originally called PayPal when I got the notification of limiting my account. The reason for them doing this to me was a GunBroker listing where the buyer said GunBroker in combination with magazine. The person I talked to later emailed me about why limited my account access, and how to unlock it.. which was sending a Affidavit of Compliance letter. 

They required me to remove PayPal options for my GunBroker sales, and send them a Affidavit of Compliance. I believe I emailed it to aup@paypal.com, or maybe they had me fax it in at the time. Any case I sent them this document..


Case lD: PP-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
Paypal Account: xxxx@xxxxxx.com

Affidavit of Compliance with and Acceptance of PavPal's Acceptable Use Policv

I have read and agree to the terms of use specified in the Acceptable Use Policv section of the User Agreement for PayPal Service.

I understand and agree that I am responsible for making sure that the transactions I enter into using PayPal are legal and do not violate the terms of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy.

I understand that my previous activities have been deemed by PayPal to violate the Acceptable Use Policy and I agree that if I do again violate the terms of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy my account access may be limited or my account may be closed without advance notice, regardless of whether the violation takes place through eBay or another online marketplace through my own website or through any other forum.

I also pledge that my current usage of PayPal is legal under the terms of the User Agreement and that I will not use PayPal in the future to accept payment for goods or services that are illegal or are prohibited as described by the Acceptable Use Policy or the Restricted Activities Section of the PayPal User Agreement.

Thank you,

Good luck unlocking it.  It took me 3 days to get it unlocked many many years ago.

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