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WTS: 9mm MAC-10 & Suppressor with Extras


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I am not a Class 3 dealer, so this gets to be sold locally from my Texas Form 4 to your Texas Form 4. (Which should cut down on the ATF transfer waiting time.)

If you are a dealer or an out of state individual, you are welcome to buy this as well. Buyer pays all taxes. 


Also, if you live around the Houston Brenham areas, you can check it out in person and there will be no shipping charges!!

When you fill out the ATF transfer forms, you will have to pay them 400 in transfer taxes for the MAC and Suppressor.

First time NFA buyer?? I will help you out with the paperwork!!


9mm RPB MAC-10 & AWC Suppressor - $10,000

The MAC and Suppressor have been completely restored and refurbished!!

I have test fired 200 rounds thru this and there were absolutely ZERO problems. This gun ran 100% flawless using ball ammo!!

The MAC comes with only one Walther mag. But you can buy more for extra.


There are 5 Powder Springs Walther Mags in the factory box that are available for 200 each.

1000 Rounds of Premium Subsonic Ammo for 400.


Profile Message me for pics and info.





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