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Mini-14 conversions?


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Has anyone seen a Mini-14 semi to full auto conversion?  (pre-86, not a factory AC-556)


Is this something that even exists?


Just wondering if this was ever done.  I was in a gun store in the mid-80's and the shop owner said it could be done.  

I was 18 at the time and I did buy a mini-14 but was not old enough for NFA stuff.


Surprisingly my parents would not buy me a machine gun LOL.



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I’ve got a converted (transferable) mini-14 GB.
Runs like a top and I mean it. I’ve seen a few over the years. My conversion isn’t really noticeable. I’ve had it at the range and people had no idea until I pulled the trigger. My conversion is reminiscent of the M-14 but more stream lined than the pearl conversion. 

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