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Auto sear issues due to “rare breed” and binary units??

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I had someone pose this question to me the other day and I’ve been thinking on it now.

The question was “since ATF is looking harder at these forced reset and binary trigger units, could they pass a ruling stating that any item inserted into a semi auto that can manipulate the cyclic rate is now illegal? This could include HK sears and RDIAS for M16’s.”

Now as crazy as it sounds, there is some merit to the question. In talking to a dealer in Florida awhile back, he’d mentioned that the state had considered something like that and it could have easily encompassed transverable and even post sample units. 

Thought? Opinions?

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In my opinion?  No.  HK sears and RDIAS' are "solely and exclusively" conversion parts as defined by the NFA.  If anything, BATF wants to define these new forced-reset trigger groups exactly the same -or- as "a combination of parts" under the NFA...except they'll be post samples as they're being made after May 19th, 1986.

Something that the the trigger makers are going to have to address IMO is the fact their triggers require a full auto part in order to function.  That full auto part is the bolt carrier.

It used to be that BATF considered ANY M16 fire control part installed in an AR15 an illegal machine gun.  Over time...BATF turned its head on the f/a bolt carriers because IMO, Colt was sending AR15s (semis) out the door with a f/a carriers and then the other makers started doing same.  Now it seems, the only bolt carriers being made are those that are f/a spec...except I think Ares / FightLite still makes semi carriers for the Shrike / MCR and only ship semi carriers to non-MG or ban states LOL.

States passing legislation is a completely different matter altogether...and yes, when FL adopted language to ban "fast fire" devices, some believed that could also cover auto-sears.  I don't live in FL and don't believe anyone had to sell their HK sear of RDIAS out of state...so I don't believe that issue ever came up in any official or substantive way.  FL people might chime in on this.

Anyway...my opinion

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Most state statutes that allow MG's make reference to legal/registered guns meaning for us transferable, and they sort of rely on the NFA for definitions and enforcement.  If your state is banning stuff it's doubtful they would be including NFA stuff that has already been addressed. 

Bolt carriers are not full auto parts and now that atf no longer evaluates components, only complete firearms (since they only have purview over actual complete firearms and not components) the odds of banning a bolt carrier are slim IMO.  Even M16 sear possession is not regulated.   All that said, we're watching law and order turned upside down with the intent of ushering in communism with relatively little resistance, so anything is possible with regard to rule changes and if left unchecked it will continue. 

I am also aware of a firearms case that was destined for a favorable ruling at the supreme court and the petitioner was pardoned which then meant he lost standing and could no longer pursue the case, thereby quashing the hundreds of thousands who stood to benefit from the case from relief.    

Primary season is about here.  I just sent a donation to a conservative running against a congressional RINO and will likely send more money, since the winner of the primary will win the election in that area.  I'd urge others to get involved in some way to push back.  Even if you're just beeping your horn like I did at some moms protesting out in front of their kids grade school against a mask mandate,  it's important to show support in some way!


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Passing legislation making any of this stuff illegal on the federal, state or local level could always happen.

However, from a practical standpoint, enforcing such laws is another matter entirely.  

I've talked to several ATF agents over the years and all of them have told me that they simply don't have the manpower or resources to enforce most of laws on the books right now. 

In most cases, they basically target and go after the repeat, most obvious and most egregious offenders.



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