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WTB Silencerco BERETTA/BENELLI MOBIL Salvo 12 Echo Choke Adapter

Charles Cox

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I'm looking to buy a Silencerco  BERETTA/BENELLI MOBIL  Salvo 12 Echo choke adapter for the Salvo 12 suppressor. I would prefer Improved Cylinder part number AC870 but let me know what you have and what you are wanting for it. Been hunting for one of these adapters for a while. 




Charles Cox

Viking Arms

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I still haven't found one. Anyone know why these are so hard to find? I've tried contacting Silencerco but all I get is excuses or a canned response. Still want to buy one. I am willing to pay for it. Just about bought an entire shotgun rig just to get the adapter lol. 

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