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WTS Transferrable BRPGuns STG M1A1 45ACP Takedown Gun (Thompson Dress Up)


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BRPGuns STG M1A1 45ACP Takedown Gun (1 of 60 made)

Please email for fastest response.

This is the first generation model that looks more true to the original and only takes unmodified Thompson stick magazines (no drums).  I have been told in the past that BRP can convert these to the new pattern that takes drums.  Built on a virgin Stemple tube, it uses many USGI parts (barrel, sights, furniture and trigger housing).  Custom parts in the upper allow the Stemple tube to mount to the trigger housing.  One of the few transferrables today that still has factory support.

Note that this gun is full auto only and has no capability for semiauto as designed by BRPGuns.

Comes with 1 USGI magazine (not pictured) and have others available to the buyer.

Individually owned in the Dallas, TX area.

From the BRPGuns website:


In 2003, the original inventor, John Stemple collaborated with BRP Corp to make new and replacement parts for the Stemple 76/45 receivers he manufactured prior to the 1986 cutoff.  From this came a series of compatible drop-on parts for the unmodified/transferable Stemple 76/45 receivers known as Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups.  Since nothing is welded or hand fitted to these receivers, changing setups and replacing parts is fast and easy.  These are the most finely built and smooth running sub-machine guns on the transferable market.  We build them for performance and durability, stock plenty of high-quality spare parts, and provide excellent service.  There is only a limited number of these pre-1986 registered/transferable machine guns remaining, so get one while they last.

The overall appearance of the STG M1A1 is like that of an original M1A1, with the exception that the rectangular adapter housing for the Stemple 76/45 receiver tube is 3/16 in. taller and 3/4 in. longer than the original M1A1.


Includes the pictured spares/parts/tools:

  • Vertical foregrip and screw
  • 2 recoil buffers
  • 4 recoil springs
  • Factory takedown tool
  • Spare factory sear.  This is USGI and has extra metal added and machined to work in the gun.  It is the only modified part in the trigger housing.
  • 2 USGI extractors
  • 1 30 round USGI magazine (not pictured)

$12,000 OBO shipped and insured CONUS with first tax paid.  No trades and am flexible on payment methods and terms (e.g. Certified funds, crypto, 50/50, etc.)

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