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SPF: Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson Fully Transferable

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Fully transferable in excellent to very good condition Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson marked Savage upper.  This machine gun is in my inventory and is ready for immediate efiling which typically only takes a few days.  Cost is $21,500.

I believe this to be a WWII M1 thompson based on the S/N 247178 and research I did.  The upper is marked with an "S" which indicates it was a Savage contract M1 Thompson.  The lower is stamped 244486. 

The gun is in excellent to very good condition with some handling marks.  I am not sure if the finish is original but it appears to be to be.  Front foregrip had some play in it so I put a metal barrel band on.  The rear sight has some free play in it which is common to every stamped rear sight Thompson I've encountered.  These weapons were meant for full auto use in close quarters not precision shooting at distance.  However, I wish to provide full  disclosure so to my knowledge this with minor surface detractions pictured are the only thing that makes this gun less than perfect.  It runs fully automatic flawlessly.

Included are (4) USGI 30 round magazines two marked U.S.-30 cartridge cal .45 and two marked The Seymour Products Co, Seymour.Conn with a reproduction US sling

51423222282_9ad67fe19e_h.jpg51423222752_c6971aa3a2_h.jpgIMG_6155 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423967326_9a462c41a6_h.jpgIMG_6156 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423222887_d0d715a896_h.jpgIMG_6157 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424221543_03c15e105b_h.jpgIMG_6159 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424221593_eccbe7b48a_h.jpgIMG_6160 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424731914_affc17d0ad_h.jpgIMG_6161 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424221713_157b706da2_h.jpgIMG_6162 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424731339_5fadc2b0e0_h.jpgIMG_6154 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424954645_d0a38dd3cd_h.jpgIMG_6164 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424732054_3c8e3a5788_h.jpgIMG_6163 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424954725_3c7eb4c135_h.jpgIMG_6165 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424954830_1feedc8f31_h.jpgIMG_6166 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423968106_80975195f5_h.jpgIMG_6167 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424222118_960a399a03_h.jpgIMG_6169 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423223632_1c00eb6284_h.jpgIMG_6168 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423968276_e017c7fd9e_h.jpgIMG_6170 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424955165_edf82d4c32_h.jpgIMG_6171 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423223897_850b8f037d_h.jpgIMG_6172 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424222348_162f9830d7_h.jpgIMG_6173 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424732729_500c89ef77_h.jpgIMG_6174 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423224442_60727429fb_h.jpgIMG_6179 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423224357_6c7da9e9a2_h.jpgIMG_6178 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424222658_717133225b_h.jpgIMG_6177 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424222608_b53f54b98e_h.jpgIMG_6176 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424732829_01341d4b5c_h.jpgIMG_6175 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424221468_5aa45ea468_h.jpgIMG_6158 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424731259_ac72e8a95a_h.jpgIMG_6153 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424221033_57f62d60c1_h.jpgIMG_6152 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424953675_2dc87789a2_h.jpgIMG_6151 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51423966701_a21be51924_h.jpgIMG_6150 by Davy Keith, on Flickr51424761709_3d31f45b09_h.jpgIMG_6181 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

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