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Need info on older 308 ammo


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I asked my ammo expert ..... his reply ....

FN went to NON corrosive priming in December of 1957 for 1958 production.  That early NATO Headstamp “should be” non corrosive but FN made a lot of that for Israel and it was corrosive primed.  Best bet is his ammo has berdan corrosive primers.

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I would treat all FN ammo before 60 as corrosive .....

now then .... since its early FN mfg .... FN FAL collectors might be interested in small lots .... to go with their FAL .

count out the ammo and bag it into 20 or 40rd lots ..... then list over on the FAL Files market board ....... worth a shot .... 

take good photo of headstamp when posting ad .


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