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ATF...out of control as usual

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Looking for FFLs of all types to join in on a lawsuit against the BATFE.

If you didn't know already BATFE is denying "pistol" imports of pistols that are near identical to approved models and some that are the same.

They continue to allow the "approved" models yet denying the new (same) models.

Another scary fact is there is/could be thousands of illegal AOW's in otherwise law abiding hands.

Currently BATFE says a HK51 or HK53 type "firearm" is not a pistol but has an overall length of less than 26" which means all of these "firearms" are illegal AOWs.

This includes PTR51's/C93's and all home built and manufacturers like myself with the MM51 and MM53 "pistols"

Also, anyone that deals with or is an FTZ operator currently doing anything involving firearms is most likely violating the law.

Contact me for more details if you want to help fund or join this suit.

If you think this is not your concern I would think again.

Just ask the bump stock /arm brace and forced reset trigger people out there.

Time to make a stand and I have one of the top firearms attorneys on board ready to go.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Otte 01/07/08 SOT

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