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WTS Misc Ammunition


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I have the following ammunition from a closed gun shop for sale with more to follow.  All prices plus Fedex Ground shipping. Money Orders only.

.357 SIG  125gr. FMJ  50rd. boxes (2)  $34.00

.410 Golden Bear 3" saboted slugs- brass plated steel case 5rd. box (12)  $50.00

.38 Super +P Aguila 130gr. 50rd. box (2)  $40.00

.25 Auto Privi 50gr. 50rd. box (19)  $240.00

6.5x55 Swedish Privi 139gr. SP 20rd. box (2) $36.00

12GA PMC OOBK 2 3/4" 5rd. box (11)  $50.00

.32 S&W Long 98gr. 50rd. box (4)  $70.00

SOLD to Cody .222 Remington Privi 50gr SP 20rd. box (1)  $9.00





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Hi all,

I know that I am a nobody on Sturm but I have been here for untold years learning from the resident experts. I just want to post a quick testimonial for TomF who is selling off some ammunition.  I just received an order from him that was a bit shy of $1000.  It arrived in great shape, well packed and was just as described.  Some of the boxes had some honest shelf wear and had retail tags still affixed but I can't complain about the price, the shipping or the communication.  If my word has any standing at all, Tom is honest and straightforward in his transactions.  Feel free to message me if you have any concerns.



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