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WTT: MP.40 ayf 43 matching for MAB.38A or Sten Mk.II


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Gentlemen, I have a transferrable, collector grade, fully matching, original finish MP.40 ayf 43. It's an amnesty gun, light rewat from an overchamber weld blob, all factory original matching parts, finish, with exc. bore. Runs great. I am interested in trade + cash only for transferrable:

1) original C&R Sten Mk.II with matching barrel, original finish, not reweld, no tube guns, collector high end quality.

2) Beretta MAB.38 or 38A, all matching, original finish, nice collector quality.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks.

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Thank you, please PM me. I am not interested in selling it and would like to know what trade pieces are potentially offered before a lot of time is spent with photos, etc. Appreciate the understanding. It saves everyone a good bit of time and effort.

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On 8/26/2021 at 6:36 PM, eMGunslinger said:

Also FWIW sten's dont have "matching barrels" per say, I have a C&R IRS MK2 I rewatted a few years back and out of the dozen or so original barrels I have they are identical. Minus the line at the muzzle which is whatever really.

Yes they do. Factory originals do. The barrels swap easily and because your example no longer has the original factory barrel does not change what it came from the factory with. Bump.

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