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MAC M-10 45 to 9mm Conversion Kit - LOWER PRICE

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FOE SALE is a MAC M-10 45 Auto to 9mm conversion kit with some extra parts.  

The kit includes 2 bolts.  One is the original style bolt and the other is the newer style bolt.  Both bolts are for double-feed mags. 

Also included but not shown is a new extractor and retaining pin for the original style bolt.  

The metal magwell insert has been modified (butchered) by me and probably can't be used.  You will need to get a new one.  I have seen them for around $50.  You will also need to get a new buffer.  Also included is a mag catch that might or might not work with your lower and mags.  

The price is $400 + shipping cost.  

Please post here and email me at 458socom@comcast.net for more info. 



MAC-10 45 to 9mm Parts.jpg

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