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WTB .50 BMG bolt action rifle


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As it so happens, I I live in Atlanta, and have an "as new" AR-50, .50 BMG with excellent Burris rated and zeroed scope, and about 1,200 rounds of assorted ammo (ball, AP, Tracer, API and Indendiary). Last shot the gun about 6 months ago. Very nice shooting weapon. I bought this from a SWAT office out of NC. Total rounds through the gun (as if the barrel would ever be shot out) of about 50.

Have not really considered selling, but would be willing to discuss. 

Text me (my phone silences all unknown callers) at 404.290.2911 and then we can arrange a call.

Scott Parker


Marietta, GA



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I have a McMillian Benchrest .50 bmg I should part with. Luepold MK 4 scope & rings, aluminum hard case stainless steel rod & lug brush, McMillian bipod. Set up with the extra slide on for end so you can compete in heavy & medium weight classes. Never finished sighting it in when gun club banned it. It's a safe queen. Gun was built like the top guns  of the day. Right hand bolt, left hand ejection, fluted barrel, McMillian slimline brake.


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