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M3/M3A1 Thompson parts

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I have a surplus of the following parts, so it’s time to monotize it-

M3 Guide Rod sets with front plate $85 each

M3A1 Guide Rod set with front plate (needs new rod installed-not a big deal GL marked) $85

M3 Stock-$175

NOS barrel tunions-$65 each

M3A1 oil bottles with stem (no nut) $65 each

M3A1 oil bottle stem-$15 each 

M3 type two cocking and ejector assembly NOS $100 each 

NOS US M3 recoil springs-$20 per set

M3/M3A1 GL trigger guards-$5 each

M3/M3A1 “U” trigger pins-$50 each 

M3 sear type 1-$50

M3/M3A1 type 2 sear-$25 each

M3/M3A1 magazine release GL-$15 each with spring $10 without spring 

M3A1 barrel nut latch NOS-$50 each

M3/M3A1 magazine release guard-$10 each 

M3/M3A1 stock bolt and bushing NO SPRING-$50

M3 cocking pawl (for inside the cocking/ejector housing) with spring-$35 

M3/M3A1 extractors NOS-$65 each

M3/M3A1/M10-45 mag loader-$15

Ithica-ITG complete trigger bar, sear, magazine release, release guard, and trigger guard-$175

Thompson cleaning rods-3 brass, 2 steel-$50 each

NOS M1/M1A1 stock and butt plate-$65

WWII 1911 mags (need cleaned up but function) $40 for lot of 4


All prices are OBRO I will be at the TATA show in a few weeks if someone wants to pick something up there. 

Txt or call (330) 432-4598



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