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PRICE CUT: RARE Immaculate C&R 1929 NICKEL STEEL WINCHESTER MODEL 12 - 12 GA. CYL adjustable choke with NYDAR REFLEX SIGHT Model 47 Patented in 1945 by Swain Nelson Co.

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RARE IMMACULATE VINTAGE C&R 1929 NICKEL STEEL WINCHESTER MODEL 12 - 12 GA. CYL with adjustable choke, Patented July 21, 1896. Feb. 22 . June 14, 1898 . Sept. 7, 1909 . May 17, 24, 31 . June 7, …..14, 28. July 5, 12, 1910 . July 22, 1913. Features NYDAR REFLEX SIGHT Model 47 Patented in 1945 by Swain Nelson Company in Glenview, ILL.

Vintage C&R 1929 production Winchester Model 12 - 12 GA. CYL serial number 566299. Winchester Model 12 Shotgun is immaculate condition to be 92 years old and all original, overall length measures 48 1/2". Selling for family of friend whom has passed. $2,999 plus $75 shipping & insurance. 
Price cut to $1,999 plus $75 shipped & insured. Previous owner left all original and It is not my shotgun and I am not going to disassemble it in any way. My good friend passed on 01/31/2020 at the age of 90 years old and family wanted to sell it on Gun Broker to get more $ and I suggested I would like to offer my friends on Strumgewehr. This C&R 1929 NICKEL STEEL Winchester Model 12 - 12 GA. CYL Shotgun is the last final Model 12 - 12 GA. in the collection.

Nydar Reflex Sight

The basic technology for the Army’s fancy high-tech M68 CCO (the Aimpoint) was first patented all the way back in 1900. The concept of the reflex sight, in brief, is that ambient light is used to reflect a reticle pattern through a lens into a shooter’s line of sight. When properly mounted on a gun, that reticle can be used for aiming. The first reflex-type gunsights were mounted in fighter aircraft in late World War I, and by World War II they were standard equipment. Up to that point, though, they were fairly bulky and so the market for reflex sights on small arms didn’t really show up until the end of WWII.

One of the first commercially fairly successful such sights was the Nydar Model 47, made by the Swain Nelson company and introduced in 1945. It was intended as a sight for shotgun hunters, to aid in firing on flying birds (basically the same application as when used in fighter aircraft). 










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