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WTS: Transferable M2 Carbine - Update - Moved to Gunbroker - Penny Start Auction

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Transferable M2 Carbine (M1 Carbine, registered as an M2 with trigger pack installed.)

Price: moved to Gunbroker - penny start auction. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/905574665

Item will transfer on a Tax Paid $200 Form 4 directly to you if you're in Oregon, or on a Tax Paid $200 Form 4 to your dealer if you are outside of Oregon. Buyer pays tax.

Shipping would be $40 if you're outside of Oregon.


IMG_36784 (Large).JPG

IMG_36781 (Large).JPG

IMG_36780 (Large).JPG

IMG_36776 (Large).JPG

IMG_36775 (Large).JPG

IMG_36774 (Large).JPG

IMG_36772 (Large).JPG

IMG_36769 (Large).JPG

IMG_36760 (Large).JPG

IMG_36759 (Large).JPG

IMG_36757 (Large).JPG

IMG_36756 (Large).JPG

IMG_36752 (Large).JPG

IMG_36751 (Large).JPG

IMG_36750 (Large).JPG

IMG_36749 (Large).JPG

IMG_36748 (Large).JPG

IMG_36747 (Large).JPG

IMG_36746 (Large).JPG

IMG_36745 (Large).JPG

IMG_36744 (Large).JPG

IMG_36743 (Large).JPG

IMG_36742 (Large).JPG

IMG_36741 (Large).JPG

IMG_36740 (Large).JPG

IMG_36739 (Large).JPG

IMG_36738 (Large).JPG

IMG_36737 (Large).JPG

IMG_36736 (Large).JPG

IMG_36734 (Large).JPG

IMG_36735 (Large).JPG

IMG_36732 (Large).JPG

IMG_36733 (Large).JPG

IMG_36731 (Large).JPG

IMG_36729 (Large).JPG

IMG_36730 (Large).JPG

IMG_36727 (Large).JPG

IMG_36728 (Large).JPG

IMG_36723 (Large).JPG

IMG_36724 (Large).JPG

IMG_36725 (Large).JPG

IMG_36726 (Large).JPG

IMG_36707 (Large).JPG

IMG_36711 (Large).JPG

IMG_36786 (Large).JPG

IMG_36701 (Large).JPG

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