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Thanks to Andy, David and the Sturm communty


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Deciding to sell off my machine guns was not an easy thing to do. My decision was made for me due to  health reasons, so reluctantly I'm selling out.

Thank you to those that gave my guns new homes.

I hope you are able to enjoy them as I have,

The bright side is now that it's come to pass, I'm realizing one of the most rewarding benefits of selling is talking with people from all walks of life, that patronize these boards and have interest in NFA.

Thanks for the calls from those that wanted to talk NFA. Calls are so much more personal than emails.

This truly is an amazing place, not just because of the guns. This community has a lot of really great folks and I'm proud to have been a part of it over the years.

Certainly the guns are the topic of discussion, but beyond the guns and all things related is the friendship you develop here.

That  I will miss.

Talking with this many great people on one board , reaffirms my faith again in humanity.

I've talked with some of the best people in the NFA community over the last month or so, right here, continue to do so and I'm enjoying this very much.

It's time to move on with other things now. When you discover your expiration date in life, you will change the way you think about life too. Maybe. I have anyway.

I have a wonderful wife now (after the last 3 not so wonderful), a new champion Presa Canario, that I enjoy training and spending time with and raising bees for the 4th year now.

Thank you to everyone,


Bob Leyshion, Jr.






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Many of the Absolute, Best people in the world hangout on Sturm and various similar sites. Thanks for being one of the good guys for so many years. I believe that you will still be shooting your long-range rifles, so maybe you aren't really leaving so much as changing your focus... Either way, though I've never met you in person, it has been an honor to have conversed with you in the virtual gun world. Good luck in all future endeavors!

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Thanks Dennis, kinda' better... but still have 2 more surgeries ahead which is going to take me out of action for a while.

But better than the original diagnosis!

Hope that back get's better soon.

Ain't get'in old a bitch?


Best regards,


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