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WTB: Machine Guns, Uzi, MAC, M76, Sten & Other NFA Items


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I am an NFA Dealer and interested in nearly any machine gun on the market.

  • Cash in hand, ready to spend. 
  • Long standing business, plenty of references, recent entry to the NFA Market.
  • Many Trade Items Available: Gold/Silver American Eagles, Bullion, Rare Coins, WW2 Firearms, Jewelry & Diamonds and Other Rare Items: OSS Issued Kodak Eastman Matchbox Camera (WW2 Spy Camera) for example.

This is a competitive market and I aim to compete, don't sell without getting an offer.

I'll make you happy :-)

Business Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat

Private Message, Text or Call  

Cell: 740-312-418FIVE. 

Office: 740-500-443EIGHT


LOG (1).png

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Were interested in your WWII Eastman Kodak Matchbox OSS Camera; have several items we would consider trading. Hit this number to leave voice message if we cant answer, or text; 740-817-2971

'62GUNS' Johnstown, Ohio

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