British 55 Cal BOYS Anti-Tank Rifle Ammunition

Location: Las Cruces, NM

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British 55 Cal BOYS Anti-Tank Rifle Ammunition


One hundred rounds of pristine British 55 Cal ammunition, in five-round stripper clips and original WWII bandeliers.  This ammunition looks like it was issued yesterday.  Check out the pictures.  Many British and Canadian-made BOYS Anti-tank rifles were converted to 50 BMG.  But if you are fortunate enough to own an original 55 BOYS, NFA registered as a Destructive Device, having 100 extra rounds would be a treasure for your collection.   $5,000.  Trades for registered DEWATS or inoperable registered machineguns considered.

 email: sales@fullautoclassics.com.   Thank you

BOYS 55 cal in Stripper clips e.jpg

BOYS 55 cal in Stripper clips.jpg

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