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SOLD - Gatling gun - Brass Castings to make the Full Scale Colt Gatling Gun

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One set of brass castings for the ten barrel Colt Gatling Gun.  These castings were made some years ago in molds formed using original Colt positive patterns.  They are ready to be machined into the final brass parts required to build a full-scale Gatling Gun.  These parts weigh a total of 210 pounds.  Shipping expenses are the responsibility of Purchaser.  However, we will pack the parts and ship by the most economical way possible. If you have the vision and capability to build a real Gatling Gun, this set of castings is the most difficult part to obtain. A set of blueprints of the original Colt plans are also included – (copies of these plans are not for sale separate from this castings package). $5,000 plus shipping.  Photographs of both sides of all parts are attached with this ad.  For questions call or email 575-405-0911.  sales@fullautoclassics.com   Thank you.

1  1874 Gatling Gun Castings - forward - e.jpg

2  1874 Gatling Gun Castings - reverse - e.jpg

Gatling gun Castings IDENTIFIED - e.jpg

Old names for Castings.jpg

Engineering Dearings - page 2 - partial - emailable-2 copy.jpg

Engineering Dearings - 2 pages - partial - emailable-1 copy.jpg

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