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Beautiful 1928 WH Thompson Package to Include Saw-Cut Parts Kit


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Up for sale is a beautiful 1928 WH Thompson.  I acquired this gun about 12 years ago and used it a bit before deciding it needed to be reworked.  I contacted Mr. Paul Krogh of Diamond K industries.  I got on his wait list and after a full 7 years it was finally my turn to send the gun off to him.  What came back was a piece of jewelry.  This weapon is almost too nice to shoot.  In fact it is so nice I ran one 20 round mag through it when it came back and after that it has sat in my safe for the last four years.


This package includes the following:

1928 WH Thompson with both horizontal and vertical foregrips

Five 30 round stick mags (Four Seymour and 1 Colt.  Two of the Seymour mags are still in cosmoline)

Three 20 round stick mags (Two Seymour and one Auto Ordnance)

Two 50 round reproduction drum mags

One 100 round reproduction drum mag

One VERY nice Russian saw-cut M1 parts kit (Kit is missing actuator and Blish lock.  Only has nose stub of receiver, no other receiver pieces)

One Kerr No Buckle reproduction sling


Price is $21,500.

I will sell the parts kit separately if someone wants it.

I am open to offers but not interested in ANY trades.

I strongly encourage any interested buyers to come see the gun in person.  I am located in Maine and am willing to work with anyone who would like to see it.

Please see pictures below.

Thanks for looking!













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I do appreciate the bump MightyP!

I noticed the price when I made the invoice scan and longed for the days of yore!  Perhaps ammom will be cheap again someday.

I might also add these pics were taken less than a months ago despite the age of the invoice.  The gun is still as beautiful as when Mr. Krogh sent her back to me.  I almost fell over when I opened the box and saw her.

No disappointments on this 1928!!!!!

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