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WTS: 5.56mm Galil SAR Short Barreled Rifle


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WTS: 5.56mm Galil SAR Short Barreled Rifle


I'd like to sell my legal, Galil, 5.56mm, SAR, Short Barreled Rifle. I bought the unfired rifle in 2009. It was unfired when I purchased it and the original buyer never fired it after it was converted to an SBR. The rifle was originally an Action Arms import in 5.56mm. This is a Pre-'89 Galil rifle.

Here are the details:

Professionally assembled by Piece of History Firearms in Tucson, AZ
5.56mm/.223 cal
13.5" barrel
1-12" twist
100% Israeli parts including barrel and gas block
receiver marked AS IF select fire, but it is semi-auto only
Price is $4995.00

I'll pay all shipping. Buyer pays all taxes.

All NFA rules apply.

Please write me at: yogg@nospam.ak.net
Please remove the nospam to reach me.
Photos are available to serious purchasers.

I work a LOT and I'm in Alaska, so it may take me some time to reply to you. But, if you're sincere, you will get a reply.



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