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WTS: M60e4 Parts

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I have some Misc M60e4 Parts available. E4 stuff hasn't been made since around 2014 and the stuff is becoming impossible to find. Please look at all the photos. The bipod is damaged on the left leg. It still extends and retracts and I don't believe this damage will have any bearing on its function. If you have e3 parts the carry handle, belt pawl, trigger group grip are driect replacement parts on your e3 stuff. The Feed cam can be used to convert your e3 tover to e4 with slight modification to the cover. With that being said, you got yourself a complete M60e4 Mod 0 if you have the e3 parts mentioned above.

- M60e4 Buttstock - Original Saco made USGI stock marked 1st Mar Div RARE!

- M60e4 Bipod - Damaged on left leg / Serviceable as is / This can be repaired as well

- M60e4 Mod 0 handguard - New Old Stock

- M60e4 Trigger group Grip - New old Stock

- M60e4 Sling Swivel - New old Stock

- M60e4 Feed Cam - New Old Stock

- M60e4 Feed Tray belt pawl - new Old Stock

- M60e4 Carry handle - New Old Stock

- M60e4 Ammo Hanger - New Old Stock

- M60e4 ammo Hanger Hardware - New Old Stock


$2,200 Plus Shipping

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa







Edited by Aaron in Mohnton Pa
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