Transferable M16/M4A1 & H&K MP5 W/Fleming Sear $39k

Location: Scottsdale

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Up for sale is 2 TRANSFERABLE Machine Guns on from 4s in Arizona. 

1st. H&K MP5/HK94 in INCREDIBLE condition W/ Flemming Auto Sear. Comes as shown with Knights Armament Rail, KAC Front Grip, Retractible A3 Stock, and top rail. This is a 2 NFA items package deal (2 Stamps). Seriously love this gun and its in truly incredible condition. Sear has never been in a different host. - $39k. 


2nd. Sandra M16 in a M4A1 configuration. Upper is a factory 14.5 COLT M4A1 upper. Comes as shown with LMT sopped stock, Matech Rear sight, Tangodown Front Grip, Surefire RC2 Flashhider & of course a truly awesome professional paint job. This gun runs flawless and is a truly awesome gun you could train with and put your life on. - PENDING SALE


Please call me at 602-481-8503 with questions. 

Thanks, Nick.




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All emails and calls have been responded to. THE MACHINE GUNS ARE STILL FOR SALE.

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Again. All have been responded to. M16 possible pending. Check status. 

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