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Need Help ID Large Artillery Cases


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Any artillery experts out there that can help me ID a couple of cases?  The first one is 28.5" tall x 7.5" wide (mouth).  It has some markings as shown in the pictures.  The second is still uncleaned and is 22.5" tall x 3.5" wide (roughly - at the mouth).  There are some stenciled markings and some feint stamped markings that I can try to pull out of needed.  These were some of the cases I purchased as a child in Libyan junkyards (the big ones my folks bought).  They would weigh them and sell them for scrap value.  We used to take them to a radiator repair shop that had a vat of acid where they could be dipped to clean them up.  The smaller one here is still uncleaned.  Not planning on selling - just curious after all these years to find out what I have.  We used to buy helmets at the junkyard too.  By the late 70s the German helmets had already been picked over.  Got some US, Italian and British helmets.  I will post more shells if there is someone here who can help ID them.  Thanks!

Big 1.jpg

Big 2.jpg

Big 3.jpg

Big 4.jpg

Small 1.jpg

Small 2.jpg

Small 3.jpg

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That sure looks like a match.  Thank you Kevin!  I am trying to learn something new here.  The link references "separately loading" shell.  So is the projo loaded and then the primed case full of powder bags (?) is inserted like a big blank shell?  I'm curious how big did brass get before they just stuffed powder bags in with no brass?

Any clue on rarity for something like this?

I think the smaller shell is ID as a German 88 shell.  

Thanks again! 

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