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WTS: 3 Pre WW2 LP34 German Flare Pistols - Fantastic Condition - $350


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WTS: 3 Pre War LP34 German Flare Pistols - Fantastic Condition


I have 3 extremely nice pre war German LP34 flare pistols available for sale. These all exhibit early features including wide spur hammers, high quality finishes, and the early wider style bakelite grips. All fire standard 26.5mm flares which are available from a variety of online vendors. Descriptions, photos, and terms are as outlined below. Contact me with any questions. 


Price: $350 each


Shipping: Actual Price


Payment: Paypal plus the fee


Contact: Email - PM or email at bevisblack15@NOSPAMyahoo.com (remove “NOSPAM”)



1936 Walther


  This is a stunning example of an early Walther LP. The finish is in great shape with some high edge wear as well as some loss towards the muzzle as shown in the photos. Serial numbers on both the frame and barrel match and the grips are in excellent condition. The frame and barrel both bear Eagle / 359 markings along with commercial proofs. All in all a very nice example of an uncommon, early LP34. 







1937 Walther


  This is another beautiful example of a pre war Walther LP34. It shows slightly more wear than the 1936 example but has an attractive bronze / golden hued finish. The grips are in great shape with some light wear at the bottom of the left panel. This example bears matching serial numbers on both the barrel and frame along with Eagle / 359 and commercial markings. 







1938 Erma-Erfurt


  Another LP34 in phenomenal condition. Erma LPs from the pre war period are very difficult to find in this condition and this one is about as nice as you could ask for. There is some high edge wear along with some light thinning towards the muzzle but in all this example is very attractive. The serial numbers on both the frame and barrel match and the grips are a hair short of perfect. This example bears no commercial proofs but does exhibit Eagle / 77 markings on the barrel and frame. 







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