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WTS S&W M76 / M45B/ M1A 45 cal magazines

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WTS 2 S&W M76 MAGAZINES in like new condition $150,    2 M45B MAGAZINES with 36 round stripper clip $200,  and 2 45cal magazines and owners manual for the MAC 10 SMG $60.   2 UZI magazines $40 All for $400 or individual choice, loaded stripper clip for display only. Payment by USPO MONEY ORDER ONLY.


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Ok they are yours,   send payment to P E McClendon,  12 Elkhorn ct Mills River,  NC 28759. I will ship upon receipt of fund's 

Thanks PEMCO

Also but not sure that the M45B (Karl Gustav) magazines are the same as the S&W M76 magazine  check with someone more knowledgeable than me.....Pemco 

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I do believe you are correct.
It’s simply a color thing.
Suomi and Karl Gustav have the blue finish to them.
The S&W 76, MK760, & BWE Suomi Parkerized finish is more of a green color which matches the S&W 76 finish.

Difference between S&W 76 and MK760 magazines are essentially numbering and base plate.
Numbering on the back of a S&W 76 magazine has the 14 with the line under the 1, where as MK760 has a 14 with the 1 not having the line on bottom of the 1. The 6 in 36 is slightly elevated from the 3 on the S&W 76 as well. S&W 76 magazines have a base plate with 9mm stamped, i.e. “9mm CTG.”.

Suomi magazines work perfectly fine after filing off just a bit of the front pad.

Will send a money order tomorrow for the S&W 76 magazines.



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8 hours ago, theduke said:

 If the Mac mags in the Wrappers are Cobray marked ..I'll take them.

Guessing the manual and loader shown are  included ?




The 2 magazines are in the original sealed packages as received from Military Armament Corporation (MAC) when purchased in 1973 at the MAC auction.  The magazines from what I recall are not marked with the Cobray logo and I do not intent to open one of the sealed wrappers to verify that.  The wrappers themselves are not marked with the Cobray logo.  Both the magazines and the wrappers are however exactly as received from MAC in 1973.

The manual and the loader are included in the price of $60.


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2 hours ago, theduke said:

 Sounds good enough to me. 

I'll take them.

Not sure where the pm function is here but I'll find it.

The magazines, loader and manual are yours.   

Send funds to:  P.E McClendon,  12 Elkhorn ct, Mills River NC  28759 i will ship upon receipt of fund's. 

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