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Shotgun fix


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Hi to all, I am in need if a shotgun repair. On a Remington 870 Wingmaster or similar, as you tighten the barrel nut, there's a "BB" that holds the nut when tight. On my daughter's the "BB" isn't there anymore???? She has to constantly keep checking the tightness of the barrel nut. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Matt

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Be aware there are two types of magazine cap retainers on 870's . First, the one you describe, actually a detent ball. The other, works off of the newer style magazine spring retainer, that has teeth at the front, that engage corresponding teeth on the recessed area of the cap. If you have two "dimples" in the mag tube, at 6 and 12 o'clock, then you have the newer type retainer. The dimples are hidden underneath the barrel ring.

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I use a wave washer like the one pictured here   WAVE WASHER FOR REMINGTON - OR HERE  under the magazine cap of all my shotguns (with a magazine) whether they have the little detent or not.  It's smoother, the mag cap stays put and prevents the exact situation you have now.

The wave washer I linked was just expedient...you can find them much cheaper than $10 ea in the ebay ad.

Hope that Helps

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Matt has risen through the gun world ranks as a young man addicted to Swiss rifles , and now to a young man addicted to C3.

I will take responsibility for introducing him to that C3 addiction.

Sorry Mrs. Heck, don't hate me!

He's always been 100% and a man of his word.

We've done business together for over 20 years, and every transaction was 100%.

Bad guys need to be exposed, but good guys should also be given their victory lap.

Matt is a good man, do your deals with confidence.




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Hkg3k, I clicked on the link you sent and hit the "buy now" key. Thank you very much for your input and fix to my problem! I looked at that and said to myself, why the hell didn't I think of that.... I mean that's a PERFECT solution. Thanks again!

Bob, I think it is YOUR fault on the C3's... I mean, it is! But, with that being said.....I wouldn't change it for the world! My wife is appreciative as well, she would ONLY be mad at you if I were buying them "today" like I was back in the day... She'd more than likely put a stop to that real fast! Thank you for the kind words Bob....

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