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What's the latest news on the 5.56 M60 conversion?


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      @michaelkih that was me that posted that awhile back on the old boards..... There was a .223 kit that was invented that ran perfectly. The kit had run 20,000 rounds through it with no jams of anykind. It was very impressive. It was different from JRW's conversion kit and corrected the problems it had. 

     We were trying to figure out how we could mass produce this. Most of the items we could have machined for the kit. But some precision items, such as the M60 barrel collar, would be very difficult to replicate. A .223 barrel is essentially made from .223 barrel stock milled and with M60 factory components on it. 

     Seeing that we could not have these items produced in bulk or fabricate them, we set up a deal between the creator of this kit and a larger corporation in Pa here to purchase it and produce it. The purchaser obviously having the ability to produce this and sell it to the M60 community. I will not name that corporation for the time being...... The deal went through and the kit is here in Pa. I've inspected it and it's a great design. 

     Production has not begun yet, but when it does, I will be selling these kits here on sturm. 

Below is a video on my YouTube channel of the actual kit in action. 

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa




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