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.308/7.62 Portuguese linked in Cool metal clamshell

Sandy S.

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Have 8 crates of this Portuguese linked in 200 round cans, 4 to a metal break-away clamshell crate.  800 rounds in each crate total.

6400 rounds total.  M60 links.  Metal crate has a top and bottom clamshell that you undo a few latches and the top and bottom fall away leaving the 4 metal cans.  A quick drop and distribute system from the Portuguese military!

This stuff works great in M-60s, Mini-guns, etc. etc.  We bought it originally for the Mini-guns, (ran flawlessly in the two M-134's we used it in) but also used it in everything else ; )

I have one picture of it (not a great one I apologize).  This ammo was around for a while about 2005-2006 maybe?

I'll only sell this in one lot.

Must be picked up, I can meet you within a 2 1/2 to three hour drive from Baltimore (Will not drive through New Jersey, New York)

If you want to arrange some sort of shipping that picks it up from my location that is fine also.  

$7040.00 certified funds, postal money orders or cash, no cc.

I will attempt to answer any messages as quickly as possible.

The First "I'll take it" from an RKI gets it!

Thanks and Cheers in advance!




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