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WTB: Japanese Machine Gun Accessories


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Looking for Japanese machine gun-related accessories and support equipment. The primary weapon Types are: 3, 11, 89 single/twin, 92 Lewis, 92 Heavy, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 SMG, 100/1 Aircraft, and the other various models chambered in 6.5/7.7/8mm. The items include: gunner kits, armorer kits, cleaning kits, muzzle attachments, ammo pouches/carriers, mag loaders, anti-aircraft sights, gun covers, magazines, etc. 

Also interested in demilled receivers.

Direct email only, please:


Remove SPAMFILTER from email. 

Thanks for looking!


Type 3, Type 11, Type 89, Type 92, Type 96, Type 97, Type 98, Type 99, Type 100

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