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Cleaning Gun Room Sale Part 1 LOWER PRICES

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I have the following items for sale:


1.      RRA 9mm lower block with mag (plastic) Uses Colt Magazines   $120.00   Price reduced to $70.00


2.    Taylor 45acp steel drum w/loader. Marked Bingham Ltd  $145.00 ***Sold***


3.     B&T HK Mount BT-21298     $45.00  ***Sold***


4.    Bingham Ruger 10/22 adapter w/ 2 30rd mags  $80.00  *****SPF*****


5.    FN-FAL Manual (Reprint)   $10.00


6.     P08 Luger Holster 1937 marked $150.00  SOLD


7.     Tapco SKS extended mag  $10.00 SOLD


All prices are PLUS shipping cost ($6.00 to $15.00). Will combine shipping cost.

Unfortunately, I can not ship magazines to any state, cite, or county where it is unlawful to purchase. 

Payment by check or money order


Gun Items For Sale 5 Jan 2021.jpg





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