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WTS: M16A1 Hydra-Matic, Norrell Reweld $20,500


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This is a 80's vintage repair/reweld by John Norrell of a demilled Hydra-Matic By GM Corp. M16A1. The gun looks great, and is sure to be a one-of-a-kind at your next shoot. Done almost 35 years ago, I think we can agree that if there were going to be a problem with the rewelding of these, it would have shown up by now (shoot they make them out of plastic today). Comes with a period appropriate Colt upper receiver (no bumps and carry handle), 20" barrel, and triangular handguards. Very interesting gun priced at $20,500, ready for e-file, and buyer pays shipping.

M16-1 (2).jpg

M16-2 (2).jpg

M16-3 (2).jpg

M16-4 (2).jpg

M16-5 (2).jpg

M16-6 (2).jpg

M16-8 (2).jpg

M16-9 (2).jpg

M16-10 (2).jpg

M16-11 (2).jpg

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