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WTS: Uzi, Sterling, AK, HK, Swedish K parts $12 - $70

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Up for sale are several SMG parts that I no longer have use for. Been in my collection for years, and am trying to move them on. Please see links for high quality photos. The hi cap mags CANNOT be sent to ban states/areas. Shipping is not included in these prices. Feel free to make offers. Payment by money order or cashier’s check. I also can take payment by PayPal but if there are additional fees you will have to cover those. I am in Florida. 

1. Uzi grip stick. This is an SMG grip stick that came from an NFA IMI RR SMG (conversion done by Group Industries). This has had the rear pin hole enlarged to fit in the converted receiver. Comes with the larger, semi auto spec pin. $60

2. AK-47 mag. I believe this is a Yugo mag. $10 SOLD

3. Uzi 25 round 9mm mag. $10

4. HK MP5 ejector. Bought this new years ago from HKspecialist.net but never used it. $40

5. Sterling 9mm UK military contract mag. This is the one that IMA was selling with the name of “clamshell” mag. These are different than the more common commercial mags. $45 SOLD PENDING FUNDS

6. Sterling SMG grip. This came from a parts kit. $19 SOLD PENDING FUNDS

7. Swedish K brass catcher part. $15 SOLD 











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