WTS: Rare and scarce, M60, minigun kit, Lahti, Browning, etc.

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Mini-gun parts kit:   Best torch cut housing ever offered, New rotor, new barrels, new clutch, new front bearing (the correct one, not the cheap one) rear bearing.  Other parts in great condition:  original bolts, guide bar, safing sectors. motor, etc.   The only things not included are the flash hider and control box, everything else in the pic is included.   I've used it for a display as it appears, but it would require welding to make it functional like any parts kit.   it's postie ready to go.   If you require mounts, cables, gun control unit,  accessories and spare parts I can make that happen, however  welding rod, and a grinder are all that is needed to make this live.    $55,000 or transferable machine gun trades SOLD

Lahti L39.   This is museum grade 95%+.  The gun in the pic is not the gun/package you get. The  gun for sale is in storage and this one is my coffee table.  The one in storage is of the same grade and completeness, but the crate has not been repainted.  There has never been a more complete Lahti package ever offered for sale.  This includes a full crate with #1 cleaning kit, #2 spare parts kit, carry pillow, gun cover, full magazine chests, and the very rare AA stump mount with boxed AA sight.  Included is a  translated manual copy.  We have ammo at additonal cost to the purchaser only.   $22,000 or transferable machine gun trades.  Direct form 4 transfer to any C+R license holder.   SOLD

M74 Browning machine gun mount.  The finest shooter mount ever produced for the series.  This is a recoil absorbing aluminum mount weighing just over 20#.  You get the stability of the 1917a1 series at a fraction of the weight, easier mount and dismount, faster setup, and of course lower recoil.    $3400

M91 mount for the M60 and early T161's   This is the rarest M60 accessory ever offered.  Even information is scarce.  This is NIB with the matching numbered crate, however after 60 years in the original crate we did thoroughly go thru it.  This was the evolution of the M74 mount and the best M60 mount probably never fielded due to cost, etc.  All but a handful were scrapped.  This mount is also made primarily of aluminum and is a recoil absorbing shock mount so it's an excellent shooter mount should you take it from your museum.  Offered for the very advanced collector at $7000 or trade for a 1917 browning (not A1) browning tripod.

PM or direct email     add  41 after lmg to reach me and slow the spammers.

Also looking at a hummer with a ring mount as a possible trade?


Parts.  Lahti L39 barrel, as new CNC rifled, ready to screw in and run..$3500  SOLD

           Lahti  #1 cleaning kit, mostly complete, some small parts missing, overall nice condition   $900

          M134 Original bolts set of 6 in great condition  $2800

          M134 clutch  $7000 SOLD

Books   Gas trap Garand  rare, long out of print collector grade.  If you can't own one it's still a great read!   $150

             Project 64 H&K MP5 book.  Must have for any HK aficionado, you'll never be a snob without it  $100 SOLD

             HK Greyroom.  Never read, just pulled the plastic off (my mistake since I already had a copy)   $180 SOLD







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The M60 Tripod and cradle mount was made by Springfield Armory. The design never went into large scale service with the military as I understand it. Photo below of the same mount from the Springfield Armory Archives. Late 1950s / early 1960s.

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa


  Aaron - Mohnton, Pa  |  BeltFeds.Com, LLC / Stryker Defense  |  FFL 07 / 02 SOT 

  Email: Sales@BeltFeds.Com      Phone: 610-983-8257      Website:  https://BeltFeds.Com 

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Bump....  items sold and M134 bolt set added to the list.

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Tripods, book, and bolts available.

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